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High Performance

Sampson is a premier high performance speed shop specializing in domestic V-8 performance. We provide high end consultation, planning and building of modified high performance vehicles. We provide engineering and installation services for all aspects of performance from power-train to chassis. Sampson employs only the most capable and experienced professional staff to complete our builds at the highest of quality. Everyone involved with modern muscle takes extreme care and pride when working on your vehicle. Sampson was founded and is operated by a professional , a mechanic and Analytical Engineer. We design and build with sound engineering and design to get the maximum performance, enjoyment and reliability.

Make Your Engine Stronger

Whether you have a Mini Cooper or a Hummer, engine performance is an important part of your vehicle. So what is engine performance? Engine performance is the ways in which your car runs.

Upgrading different parts in your vehicle can help you gain better horsepower, fuel economy, sound, and more depending on what you're looking to do.

Factors and parts that have an effect on performance include but are not limited to:

  • Compression
  • Timing
  • Intake
  • Turbochargers
  • Superchargers
  • Exhaust

Customizing any of these areas can help make your engine run at peak efficiency and provide better benefits for your application.

What are Performance Engine Enhancements?

  • Engine enhancements are small adjustments done to the ECU of your vehicle.
  • The ECU is the Engine Control Unit.
  • These modifications can help increase performance, durability, or power.
  • Like all aspects of owning a vehicle, regular maintenance and updates are required for optimum driving potential.

Can I Improve My Engine Performance if it’s Diesel Rather than Petrol?

Yes! It doesn’t matter what type of fuel your engine runs on, if you want to improve it there are ways to repair or enhance them both.

When Should I Take Advantage of Performance Engine Repairs?

If your car is having issues on the road, RPMS / over-heating, or not performing up to standards, there’s a chance your engine may need slight tweaking with a performance engine repair. Give Sampson Automotive Service a call and schedule a time to meet, we’ll let you know what we think the next step should be.

Often times, motorists have no issues with their vehicle but want that extra power to get them going on the road. That’s what we’re here to help with!

How Do I Optimize Engine Performance?

Once our shop is able to take a look at your vehicle and assess what we think would be the best fit, we take into account what works for you and your needs.

Are you looking to drive faster or start your vehicle quicker?

There are many options to consider, so if you’re looking to increase your engine performance, come talk to us.

Here are some helpful questions/tips to look out for when you’re optimizing your engine:

  • Make sure your engine is lubed with motor oil on a consistent basis

  • If your ignition start-up timing seems off, get it checked out!

  • Changing your jet size

  • Changing the size of your cylinder head

  • Do you want torque or horsepower?

  • Checking your compression & ignition

Don’t be afraid to ask if engine performance enhancements are a good fit for you.

In the event your experience any problems with your factory engine or performance engine, we're also able to help.

We specialize in engine service, from maintenance and customization to diagnostics and repairs.

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